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Digital Marketing Center
Digital Marketing as a Service
To transform marketing, you need to adopt to new  technologies

Buying ads,  that sells more products, makes a bigger profit with which you can buy more ads. Those were the days…What marketing needs is a different way of thinking and the energy to turn the game around. Our mission is to create the agency of the future, today. We don´t say that we have all the answers but we do have a curiosity and a relentless strive to find and create your customers new decision journey.  Together with our vast experience from many leading local and global brands like Toyota, Lexus , Cognizant, Eniro, Bring , The Swedish Child cancer Foundation we will continue to pursue bringing customer focus and technology into your marketing.

Digital Marketing Center

A vital part of our way of working is The Digital Marketing Center DMC helps marketing departments adopt and use new marketing technologies. Digital Marketing Center is an outsourcing service with highly skilled staff who plan, execute and monitor your marketing campaign and deliver digital customer experiences. A CCC is a turnkey solution including staff with proper processes and leading edge marketing software at their fingertips who can master the new era of digital marketing.

Marketing Automation As a Service:  : DMC lets you implement marketing automation easily and see results quickly without the problem of investing in technology and finding the right people.

Digital Service Platforms: “The moment of truth” is in the mobile. Today and even more so tomorrow we the consumers want take our decisions with the help of our smartphones. We help you develop your own channels in creating a digital customer experience in line with your customers expectations.

Social Media Newsroom –  Can you respond to instant market changes. We have vast experiences from social media with large brands such as Toyota or Lexus. We help large brands  to meld long term trend-tracking with a data-driven newsroom approach in order to create real-time marketing.

Big Data Analysis: customers have very little patience. We help your customers to get the right information at the right time at the moment of truth – the purchase. Very often to their mobile phones.

Customer reviews: customers trust each other far more than they trust employees, salespeople or companies. We created and executed ratings and reviews for Lexus as the first car-manufacturer in Europe. We develop advocacy programs in order to scale up, increase credibility and demonstrate commitment to customers. In doing so, we will develop a low-cost, reliable unpaid army of customer advocates.

A Mission Control in the New Marketing Department
Customersonly and Hammer & Hanborg is launching “Digital Marketing Center” a complete
new high-level outsourcing service that help large marketing organization adopt to the digital
transformation that is taking place within marketing.

In this joint venture Hammer & Hanborg will be responsible for recruitment and Customersonly will be
responsible for technology and competence. Every person will undergo a Digital Marketing Bot Camp
hosted by Customersonly.

Visit hammerhanborg.customersonly.se



Customersonly helped Lexus Sweden became the first automaker in Europe to use reviews. Lexus communicates using reviews instead of traditional marketing because authentic customer commentary is more trustworthy, customer reviews also play a very important role in Lexus’ on-going efforts to develop customer experience.


Customersonly built and operates Eniro Communications Control Center. It is a high-tech communications center that can be regarded as "traffic control", based on a combination of new professional disciplines and advanced tools for production and monitoring digital campaigns. The purpose of Eniro Communications Control is to increases sales as well as customer liking and satisfaction.


February 15 every year is International Childhood Cancer Day. In 2010 we placed 300 blue chairs on Sergels torg, a square in the very heart of Stockholm representing the number of children diagnosed with cancer each year. Each chair was given a diagnosis. Every fourth chair a memorial candle.


How could we make it even easier to be a Toyota owner? We created a customer portal and a customer communications program.


Three of four children survive cancer. But in the fourth family, the unthinkable happens. Join us in the fight for life. Support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Our job was to launch the Toyota Sweden Facebook page. How could we draw attention to this and how we could increase the number of likes?


Extremely fun and rewarding for us to work with a start-up company and use our understanding of the consumer to build business.


Over the last five years we have carried out more than 40 model launches for customers, 65 large direct mail campaigns and 2.5 million ”My Toyota e-mails”. We've helped 100 dealerships with their action marketing and designed loyalty programs as well as customer dialogue programs.


Toyota was launching the third generation Prius. Hybrid technology attracted "early adopters" but experienced difficulty in reaching the broader layers of car buyers. How could it be launched? We wanted to use the power of the 10,000 existing Prius owners.

A new customer decision journey in your own digital space

The old purchasing funnel is dead – today consumers research and buy your products using new methods. A Communications Control Center helps your customers through their new decision journeys, creating loyal customers and real business results. Let us reinvent your marketing with your customers in your own channels.


Every purchase starts with a trigger (which is less and less initiated in the old world of broadcasting).


THE WORLD OF SEARCH: the customer starts most purchases using the Internet and search engines, usually Google. It is common that customers now find more brands than they initially considered.

THE SOCIAL WORLD: further into their research, consumers want to hear what other customers think and get recommendations, both from professionals and from other customers.


THE WORLD OF (MOBILE) SHOPPING: in the pre-purchase phase the customer wants to know about the best possible price. They use deals and price comparison sites. Closer to the purchase, consumers are open to identifying themselves in order to obtain further information or deals. Location-based services are important because new consumers want here and now.


THE BIG WORLD OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES: modern brands are built of the customers’ own experiences of the product or service. One of the most important measures to take is for a brand to relocate its marketing budget from the early stages of brand building to after-sales communications. Here lies the foundations of loyalty and more profitable communications.


THE WORLD OF ADVOCACY: satisfied customers are not enough. You need raving fans who talk about your brand. You need them to connect with other customers in the social world.


THE UGLY WORLD OF CHURN: customers churn because of bad service experiences, being neglected or just because they find you a bit old or boring.



A  new marketing model that creates outstanding business results

Over the last few years we have carried out a dialogue with more than one million consumers. Not only do we know exactly how they respond to communication activities, we also know how they change their buying patterns, satisfaction and loyalty.



Let’s say you want to buy a new bike. Suddenly every ad and information flyer about new bicycles become very vivid. Your brain is now on alert. When communicating with your customers, nothing is more important than being relevant to their new decision journey. Our journey begins when we succeed in identifying a prospect and then continues by remaining relevant to your customers throughout their life cycle. This is money in the bank.



Customer churn means loss of customers. First we look at why customers are leaving. Once the root causes are known, targeting at-risk customers with the right offers can be accomplished with maximum efficiency. Poor customer service and poor communications are cited as the most common reasons for switching supplier. Poor communications covers a wide range of topics. Your customers often tell us they feel neglected or uninformed.



Start by being respectful of people’s time and e-mail boxes. Then, communicate only when you have something interesting to say and when you’ve earned the right to communicate. A loyalty program in the digital era delivers a hassle-free relationship with customers. Understand your customers pain points and your satisfaction will sky-rocket. Walk through your commercial processes. Create a customer touchpoint map that defines your customers’ experiences with your brand. Determine the most influential touchpoints. Design the optimal experience.


7.It´s the economy, stupid
It’s the economy, stupid! 

We protect your customers 

Integrity builds customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer loyalty is a direct result of the integrity displayed by your company.

First of all. With the right communication at the right time we make your customers’ lives a little easier. And they love it. Customer Communications is a vital part of an unbeatable customer experience. From the customer’s point of view we have few rules. Get permission, be relevant, look at  We are committed to permission-based customer communications. This commitment is consistent with our goal of helping our clients to communicate better with their clients in their own channels and ensures the highest levels of deliverability. In order to be able to apply this, we need our clients to adhere to our Permission Marketing Policy

We want your customers to be your best marketing channel. How?



STRATEGY:  Customersonly Lab AB –   help companies to innovate their customers’ experiences. Together with your customers, employees and our creative thinkers and doers we co-create the new customer journey.

EXECUTION:Customersonly AB –  We are a customer communications agency that  help brands to bring their customers and new technology into their marketing.  The Communications Control Center (CCC) is an outsourcing service including staff, effective processes and leading edge marketing software that help marketing departments to control its technological destiny.


Step 1. Where should we go? – Customer Xperiences Design

Our experienced consultants helps you to create innovative customer strategies based on co-creation with your customers.  We deliver customer insights as well as new customer experiences that build your brand.

Step 2. We connect your digital space

With a new Customer Journey based on strategic customer experiences we connect your own channels with our Communications Control Center. Every Communications Control Center has a set of predefined goals – business goals as well as communications goals. These goals are set by our customers and form the foundation of campaign planning and design.With our marketing software solution we connect your web, your customer portals, your social media and your campaign sites.

Step 3. The identified consumer process

The new consumer is willing to identify herself if she gets value in return. To identify customers and prospects we usally need to create a process/concept that is valuable to the customer. We also start the continuous process of collecting data from both customers and prospects.

Step 4. Real-Time Insights and results

In every campaign we run, our customer can follow the outcome in real time. We also use large-scale data software to connect marketing data with sales data, as well as other important info such as churn or customer satisfaction, creating state-of-the-art info-graphics showing our customer the results of their communications activities.

Step 5: The exploration of new marketing worlds

The world of search: we always work hard to understand your customers’ attitudes and behavior patterns. Our main objective in this phase is to help the prospects. We also find ways to get permission to speak with the customer.

The social world: the ultimate goal of Customer Communications is to create brand advocates and we make sure that your customers are seen and heard in social media.

The world of (mobile) shopping: customers have very little patience. We help your customers to get the right information at the right time at the moment of truth – the purchase. Very often to their mobile phones.

The world of customer experiences: if the brand is the promise you make, then the customer experience is the fulfillment of that promise. We have moved well past the marketing funnel and look at customer engagement as a continuum of relevant, contextually-appropriate interaction — and we measure progress at every point along the way.

The world of advocacy: customers trust each other far more than they trust employees, salespeople or companies. We develop advocacy programs in order to scale up, increase credibility and demonstrate commitment to customers. In doing so, we will develop a low-cost, reliable unpaid army of customer advocates.

The ugly world of churn: churn reduction is a continuous cycle of improvement that begins with developing a comprehensive view of the customer. Identifying why customers churn can help companies take proactive steps to retain the customers that are likely to leave. Identifying the root cause of customer dissatisfaction can lead to the changes in marketing, operations or product development that reduce the probability of these problems arising again.

12. Our organisation is upside down
Our organisation is upside down

During the six years we have been working with customer centric business model we have learned that a traditional agency set-up is a non-functional organisation in the new media landscape. In order to become a fully engaged, cross-channel, cross-functional marketing partner we need to turn our organisation totally upside down. Our cutting edge Communications Control Center is supported by our Customer Experience Team.


We build and staff Communications Control Centers. We can run your Communications Control center on your premises or at Customersonly. You choose.

A Communications Control Center is staffed by 1-4 people and our focus is on training talented people to ensure that every center has highly qualified staff. On a daily basis we plan, execute and learn from all your digital campaigns. With leading-edge marketing technology such as marketing automation and business intelligence, our staff focus on long-term engagement, encouraging customer loyalty and advocacy through word-of-mouth. We aim to create, stimulate and influence customer behavior patterns and attitudes in order to deliver exceptional return on marketing investments.


Rational elements account for half the typical customer experience; the rest is emotional. If the brand is the promise you make, then the customer experience is the fulfillment of that promise. New media requires new content. Content that the customer not only embrace but also forwards. We have moved well past the marketing funnel and look at customer engagement as a continuum of relevant, contextually-appropriate interaction — and we measure progress at every point along the way.

Our Customer Experience Team possess vast experience as international project managers. Together with a partner network covering all marketing channels, we are able to deliver Customers Experiences in every channel in most European Countries. 


Our specialty is creating innovation by listening to your customers, in other words customer-based innovation using co-creation. We help corporations implement customer-centric  strategies that are based on dialogue with your customers. Our goal is to rock the brands we work with by implementing break-through programs that create real business results.

  • Product Design
  • Service Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Customer Journey
We don’t know if this is a good idea for you.
Let’s ask your customers.

Road Map

Our roadmap to implement a Customer Centric Communications Model helps us reach a consensus about your needs.  Usually we start with a proof of concept where we test new customer experiences  and communications activities on your customers. This means that before you take the decision implementing a Customer Centric Communications Model we have a clear understanding of how your customers think and behave and what business result you can expect. 


Strong brands will be by build by customer experiences that are talked about.  Together with your customers and our creative thinkers and doers we co-create the new customer journey.We start to identify your goals and your brand’s reason-to-believe.  We walk through your commercial processes which allows us to create a simple touchpoint map that defines your customers’ experiences with your brand. Then we determine the most influential touchpoints, and we design your customer experience/communications program that creates the optimal experience and the highest return on investment.


A proof of concept pilot project is an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of a new strategy  with a small number of clients. A Proof of Concept project is an excellent risk mitigation strategy for a brand that is planning to implement a customer Centric Communications Model. The pilot helps determine which customer experiences and communications activities are appropriate. This phase provides hands-on experience for the CMO about what the customers want and what activities are profitable. It concludes with a decision for the management team: Go or No Go.

Time period: 6-18 weeks.




CONTRACT & REQUIREMENTS You need to make sure your people, processes and technology are aligned in order to achieve the fastest speed-to-results. In this phase the implementation team works closely with the customer to determine the customer’s requirements for the Commmunications Control Center. The requirements phase identifies customer data quality, connecting your digital space, staffing and other characteristics which the service must satisfy. In this phase we also present plans regarding staff and training. Finally, both parties sign a long-term contract.


More than anything else marketing is a learning process. The best way to start on the road to becoming a more profitable Communications Control Center is to assess maturity level after implementation. With our review program we set new goals and then begin to plan out new campaigns each quarter in order to ensure you are on the road to success. Business as usual in the CCC includes:

Campaigns: Customer dialogue, Anti churn program, Loyalty Programs, Strategic touch points, Prospect identification, Email/Newsletter, Event Communications Program, Lead Nurturing, Customer Reviews

Analysis: ROI reports & analysis, Revenue models, Lead scoring, Customer lifetime Value, Sales insight, Net Promotor Score

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“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”

Mahatma Gandhi